Audi A6 Q7 Steering lock
Audi A6 Q7 steering lock

Audi A6 / Q7

Steering Lock (J518)

The Audi Access Start Authorisation module (J518) is used in the A6 and Q7 models from 2005 to 2015. Failure of this module is common.  When taking the car to a dealership, it is likely that they will recommend replacement of the steering column, along with the steering lock.

Symptoms of J518 failure include:

  • The car doesn't switch on with the key in the ignition, or by pressing the start button. The gateway can't be activated.

  • The car switches on, but the lights in the dash are off. The car doesn't start.

  • The steering lock doesn't unlock
  • Steering lock fault code 00288 (Steering lock actuator N360). Sometimes the car will start again after clearing these faults.

  • It takes several attempts before the car starts.
  • There is a clicking noise when the key is inserted in the ignition.

Solutions we offer


Replacement with an emulator

Data transfer to new or second hand unit